Prosthodontics Crown & Bridge

“You miss them…. we fix them”, sits a sign outside the Department of Prosthodontics where Dr. Sharmila Hussein, Professor & Head of the department does a fine balance between fixed and removable prosthesis. A remarkably efficient administrator, Dr.Sharmila’s top-notch academic credentials are reflected in her numerous merit awards obtained during her Under graduate and Post graduate days. She holds a Post doctorate degree and has co-authored popular text books in Dental Materials and Prosthodontics, and holds stem cell research close to her heart.

Patients flock to this department to get high quality replacements for their missing teeth at a fraction of the market costs. The department boasts of an in-house ceramic lab and doles out Crowns and Bridges using the latest materials like Zirconia and precious alloys. A state of the art pre-clinical lab gives much needed training to budding undergraduate and post graduate students. All in all, this department and its staff are simply irreplaceable.