Oral Medicine & Radiology

Diagnosis is the key to treatment and it is best left to the Department of Oral medicine & Radiology who seek out the invisible tell tab signs left by Oral & Peri-Oral diseases. With Oral Cancer being one of the leading causes of death among all the malignancies, this department is strategically critical for the early diagnosis of Oral Malignancies in the local population. For one life gained, is one family saved!

The Department is currently headed by Dr.Anuradha.G, an eminent academician & research scholar whose penchant for perfection reflects in the knowledge gained by her students. A graduate of the prestigious Manipal university, she is currently registered for her PhD program.

An avid researcher, she has more than 40 studies to her credit & scores of publications in both National & International peer reviewed journals.

The department boast of Digital imaging technologies for precision diagnosis, and lives by the rule, “The mouth is the mirror of the body”!